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Dear Friend,

Isn't it amazing how fast our family changes from day to day? As you look at your wonderful children and wish that they could just stay exactly as they are, you realize that these moments are only for a season. Before you know it, they'll be all grown up, married and starting a life of their own with their little ones running around. Doesn't that make you wonder sometimes if you can freeze time so that those special moments could last forever?

Well You Can! And We Want To Help You Do It Right!

As you look back at your childhood, do you wish that you had more memories captured of you and your family? We all do.

My name is Stephen Christo, and capturing wonderful family memories is something I believe is priceless, and very important, in order to not just relive the joy of those moments, but also to take us back on our journey to see how quickly life changes from where we once were, to where we are today. Let's face it, throughout our life’s journey, many countless things will come and go, too much to even try to list. But what’s the most valuable thing we own that will outlast everything else? MEMORIES!

Can you relate to this at all? I wake up every morning and wonder where has the time gone. Do you ever do that? Have you noticed that the older you and your children become, the faster time seems to fly? I wish I could say that I see my family as often as I would like, but the truth is, I don't. At least I have pictures of all of them hanging on my walls in my home. This is going to be hard to believe. I'm a photographer, and I never had a family photograph created of my entire family when I was a child still living at home.

I would give anything to be able to go back in time, and capture those moments on film. That's one of the reasons I became a professional photographer. I want to help other families hold on to their family memories forever, and never regret not having a family portrait done. Too many people today make excuses saying things like "I'm too busy, I don't have the time, I'm working too much, there's not enough hours in the day to get all I want done, and so on". There shouldn't be any real excuse to allow a potentially cherished memory to slip past us!

This Is One Of My Favorite Quotes:

"It Is Better To Look Ahead And Prepare, Than To Look Back And Regret".

Since you are reading this information, I think it's safe to say that you are at least considering taking the opportunity to create memories of your family before much more time goes by, so you can cherish how they are today. That is one of the best decisions you will ever make. While most people don't realize the importance of family photographs, those who do, and does something about it, will always appreciate the opportunity they refuse to let slip by.

We understand how important family portraits are, and the value of those images are indeed priceless. That’s why we will do everything in our power to ensure it is done perfect.

Unless your photographs convey the true emotions and relationships between you and your loved ones, they would be completely meaningless to you. We are not in the business of taking snapshots, we are all about Capturing The Moments That Truly Matters The Most To You!

I am confident that the portraits I create for you and your family, will become one of your greatest possessions. That’s why I can offer such a powerful promise.

In A Nut Shell, This Is What I Will Do.

If you are not thrilled with the photographs I create for you, I will photograph your family again at no charge. That’s right, No Charge! Next, if for some reason, I am unable to thrill you by providing you with awesome images that you will love to cherish forever; I will refund Every Penny you have invested in my services to provide you with photographs you will love! You Risk Nothing!

Family Portraits Are Priceless Gems For All Times!

During my entire childhood, I can't remember a single photograph being taken of my entire family, or even one with my parents and I together. But, some years ago, my wife using her creative talent created a portrait of my mom and dad together by using two separate printed pictures. It's not in the category of fine portraiture, but it sure is a fine photograph and I cherish that photograph because it's the only one I have of both of them together - it means the world to me.

Now that my parents have both passed on, that photograph is priceless. I can't even imagine the feeling of not having that photograph and not being able to look at it anytime I choose. I look at it every single day - it is one of my most prized possessions.

I Only Wish I Had A Photograph Of My Entire Family Together. That Would Be One Of The Most Priceless Things I Could Own.

Allow Me To Share With You A Few Helpful Hints When Considering Hiring A Potential Photographer.

The first one is what we just discussed. Make sure the photographer offer's you a guarantee. Even if it's not as great as mine. Make sure that You Risk Nothing, when selecting the photographer of your choice.

Don't Gamble With Something As Important As Your Family Memories.

The next thing I would share with you is, "Don't Assume That It Doesn't Matter Who You Choose To Do Your Portraits, It Would All Look Great". Most of us have friends or family members with a nice camera. That doesn't mean that you will get great pictures.

Don't choose a photographer based on how good of a deal you can get. I'm sure if you shop around you can find someone who may be very inexpensive. Choose someone based on how important these memories are to you. Creating family portraits must say a lot more than just smiles. They must convey the relationships and joy and most importantly, your loved one’s personalities. Those are just some of the things I personally focus on.

I'm not a fan of those boring pictures where you stand in front of a painted background, looking awkwardly artificial. Instead, think of how awesome you and your family would look in your favorite room in your home, or even outdoors somewhere, a place where you love spending time. It could even be a beautiful park, posed under a tree where the background is just breath taking. These are some of the things that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to family portraits. That’s what I love doing.

Someone once said, "Procrastination is Opportunity's Destructive Force".

In a sense, I really agree with that saying. Why? Because procrastination destroys our dreams, discourages our desires, and forces us to put on hold the things that were birthed in our hearts to do at the time we should have done it. Bottom line is, we lose the opportunity that could never be regained when we procrastinate. Yes there may be other chances, but the outcome will never be the same, because people and circumstances will change every day!

Remember My Earlier Quote?

"It Is Better To Look Ahead And Prepare, Than To Look Back And Regret".

Think about it for a moment, I know you'll agree!

You see, time is ticking.... and it's never going to stop. In the blink of an eye your child takes his or her first steps. Next thing you know, he or she learns to ride a bike. Later, gets a driver's license. Graduates from high school. Gets married. Starts a family of their own. Before you know it you're asking yourself, "Why didn't I do this earlier?" Don't let the special moments of today slip away. Your family is changing with every passing day. If you consider treasuring your family memories as they are today important to you, then don't let this opportunity slip away. "Family Portrait Is Something You Deserve"

Here's what you'll get with our most popular package.

"Gold Portrait Moments"

* You get the "Gold Portrait Moments" Package.

* Up to 2 hours, with as many clothing changes as time permits.

* Up to 2 locations.

* All Images Professionally Edited.

* Special discounts on prints, including our Free Digital Files offer.

* An Online Gallery.

For your convenience, we provide a customized, private and secure portable changing station for all our clients during outdoor photography requiring clothing change.

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Right now, if you are one of the first 7 PEOPLE this month to book a session, I will upgrade the portrait session package, from the "Classic Portrait Moments", which is a 1 hour Photo Shoot, to the "Gold Portrait Moments" package which is a 2 hours Photo Shoot, and all the extra's that comes with it.

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And you can call anytime. If I am unavailable at the time, just leave your name, number and a brief message, and I'll call you back. Your Family Portraits Are Just A Phone Call Away...


Stephen Christo

Professional Family Photographer

Remember... you can call me even if you just want to ask a few questions. No cost, and No obligation for this chat. These are your family memories - one of the most precious things you could possess. You've nothing to lose, and so many great memories to gain.

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